Derek Jones avatar Derek Jones committed 82a5038

removed the array_diff comparison in _reindex_segments(). That conditional and use of those functions is probably slower than looping through both arrays, even if someone went crazy with dozens of URI segments.

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 	function _reindex_segments()
-		// Is the routed segment array different then the main segment array?
-		// have to compute the diff both ways since PHP returns only values in $arr1 that are not in $arr2.
-		$diff = (array_diff($this->rsegments, $this->segments) != array_diff($this->segments, $this->rsegments)) ? TRUE : FALSE;
+		$i = 1;
-		$i = 1;
 		foreach ($this->segments as $val)
 			$this->segments[$i++] = $val;
-		if ($diff == FALSE)
+		$i = 1;
+		foreach ($this->rsegments as $val)
-			$this->rsegments = $this->segments;
+			$this->rsegments[$i++] = $val;
-		else
-		{
-			$i = 1;
-			foreach ($this->rsegments as $val)
-			{
-				$this->rsegments[$i++] = $val;
-			}
-			unset($this->rsegments[0]);
-		}
+		unset($this->rsegments[0]);
 	// --------------------------------------------------------------------


 			<li>Modified xss_clean() to be more intelligent with its handling of URL encoded strings.</li>
 			<li>Added $_SERVER, $_FILES, $_ENV, and $_SESSION to sanitization of globals.</li>
 		    <li>Added a <a href="./helpers/path_helper.html">Path Helper</a>.</li>
+			<li>Simplified _reindex_segments() in the URI class</li>
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