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mili / HowToContribute


If you don't have write access priviledges, ask an owner (e.g. daniel gutson at gmail) and state what modifications or extensions you want to implement.


  1. do your change
  2. update CHANGELOG (see below)
  3. add yourself to CONTRIBUTORS
  4. if adding a new library file
    1. beware of the heading (Boost Software License), copy it from another file of mili
    2. use NAMESPACE_BEGIN and NAMESPACE_END (see other files)
    3. update mili.h
    4. update README (with the NO_xxxxx)
    5. add an example.
    6. add a test.
  5. run all tests.
  6. update WIKI.

How to update the CHANGELOG

You will have to either create a new version, or add a change to the current one. The top version is either released or unreleased. If unreleased, the version has the UNRELEASED word.

Do the following regarding the version number, according with the type of change you are contributing, and depending the state of the release (UNRELEASED):

adding a fix or minor change create a new minor version (i.e. X.(Y+1) UNRELEASED) do nothing
adding a new library create a new major version (i.e. (X+1).Y UNRELEASED) if the future unreleased version number is minor, renumber it as major

Then, add a bullet with your change.