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mili / TemplateInfo


This library is useful to query type information, e.g. for compile time assertions.


The library provides two things: * a set of individual type predicates * a structure that encapsulates all the predicates and has some operators.

The individual predicates are: * template_is_pointer<T>::value * template_is_reference<T>::value * template_is_const<T>::value * template_is_volatile<T>::value * template_is_integral<T>::value: returns true if T is some kind of int (short, long, signed, etc.). * template_is_native<T>::value: returns true if T is a native (unqualified) data type. * type_equal<T1,T2>::value: returns true if T1 and T2 are the same type.

The encapsulating structure is template_info<T>, which provides the following members: * template_info<T>::is_pointer * template_info<T>::is_reference * template_info<T>::is_const * template_info<T>::is_volatile * template_info<T>::is_integral * template_info<T>::is_native * template_info<T>::is_pointer * template_info<T>::is_equal_to<T2>::value: similar to type_equal. * template_info<T>::is_smaller_than<T2>::value: returns true if sizeof(T) < sizeof(T2) * template_info<T>::is_greater_than<T2>::value: returns true if sizeof(T) > sizeof(T2) * template_info<T>::is_same_size<T2>::value: returns true if sizeof(T) == sizeof(T2) * template_info<T>::size: returns sizeof(T)

The template_info<T> can be used as a template parameter itself.