Konekt Framework Command Line Interface

This toolset helps you to manage various tasks during development and deployment on applications built on the top of Konekt Framework 1 or Konekt Framework 2.


On OSX and Linux

  1. Download the files
  2. Put the entire contents of the Konekt folder in /usr/share/php (or anywhere else that's on php's include path)
  3. Put the konekt file on the PATH (eg. $HOME/bin or /usr/local/bin)
  4. Make konekt executable (chmod 755 konekt)

On Windows

  1. Hahaha


Simply type konekt in the terminal to get the available commands.

To get help for a specific command try konekt help <command> or konekt help <command> [option].

Many commands operate on an existing application, in this case you have to be one level above the app folder (so that you reach it via ./app/). In most of the cases this is the document root.