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AGUA (Automatic Grounding Using Annotations)

AGUA is a library that automates the process of grounding for semantic web services. The grounding is the transformation of messages between the representations of syntactic and semantic web services. This library is implemented to the .NET platform, although in the future it may include support for other languages.

AGUA aims to automate the bi-directional transformation between tree-based data structures and graph-based data structures. Within the scope of Semantic Web Services, this kind of transformations are part of the grounding process. Such process is the key to automate the invokation to Semantic Web Services, as it is resposible for linking the requests and the responses of the actual Web Services with the Semantic Web Services platform. See more details about the grounding process.

For further details, please check the list of publications published by this project.

AGUA was developed by CTIC as a result of the research project PRIMA, which is partially funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (IST-020302-2008-32).