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parrot / How_to_build_Parrot

If you'd like to build Parrot by yourself, probably you'll need some help.


Parrot is a JavaEE application, we use Maven 2 as development tool, and the source code is hosted on a Mercurial repository. Therefore you'd need to satisfy these requirements before start.


Major part of dependencies are available on public maven mirrors; but some not.


To use RIFLe with maven, you may add the following snippet to your pom.xml:

        <name> maven public repository</name>

or add the repository in your settings.xml file in the .m2 folder

        <name>CTIC public</name>



 $ hg clone parrot
 $ cd parrot
 $ mvn install



You can run Parrot on an embedded server by doing:

 $ cd parrot-web
 $ mvn jetty:run

And then access http://localhost:8080/parrot

Generate a war

After generate all the dependencies (include parrot-core), do:

 $ cd parrot-web
 $ mvn package


You can deploy the generated WAR, located at parrot-web/target/parrot.war, on your favorite servlet container, for instance Tomcat.

Google App Engine

You can deploy Parrot in Google App Engine.

  1. Prerrequisite. Google App Engine SDK for Java MUST be installed.
  2. Set the property gae.home in parrot-web/pom.xml. An example could be
  3. Change the version number in parrot-web/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml (remind that only integer values (1, 2, 3, 4...) are allowed )
  4. To upload Parrot to the Google App Engine, execute in a console:
    mvn gae:deploy

Other information

Command Line

You can also use Parrot from the command line by doing:

 $ cd parrot-cli
 $ maven package -Dmaven.test.skip=true
 $ mvn exec:java -Dexec.args="-i"

If you'd like to save the report directly to a file, you should use something like:

 $ mvn exec:java -Dexec.args="-i -o steel.html"

Or if you'd need it, you can also use a local file as input:

 $ mvn exec:java -Dexec.args="-i file:///path/to/ontology.owl"

Alternatively, if you don't want to use maven for running the CLI, you can directly invoke the JAR:

 $ java -jar target/parrot-jar-with-dependencies.jar -i -o steel.html

For getting more help, use:

 $ java -jar target/parrot-jar-with-dependencies.jar -h