`REST in python (RESTinpy)`_ (0.1.0) ==================================== A Python library to ease the publication of REST-style web services in `Django`_ applications, specially (but not exclusively) those using the Django Model framework. The package is licensed under `LGPL v3 license`_, and it can be downloaded in ``.zip`` and ``.tar.gz`` formats `from Bitbucket`_. .. image:: :target: `Documentation`_ is available in the wiki. Dependencies ------------ - for JSON, the `simplejson`_ package - `mimeparse`_ package These packages are imported in a lazy fashion, i.e., only when needed. Therefore, if the user never intends to use the JSON format, the ``simplejson`` package is not imported and the user does not have to install it. Development Team ---------------- - `Diego Berrueta`_ (`Fundación CTIC`_), |berrueta-foaf| - `Carlos Tejo`_ (`Fundación CTIC`_), |dayures-foaf| - Jana Álvarez (`Fundación CTIC`_) - `Sergio Fernández`_ (`Fundación CTIC`_), |wikier-foaf| Project details --------------- The project RESTinpy is hosted in `Bitbucket`_, where you can find more details about it. More information ---------------- For more information, contact us : - `Carlos Tejo <>`__ - `Luis Polo <>`__ Acknowledgements ---------------- RESTinpy has been developed by CTIC Foundation as a by-product of `WodiDoc`_, the main result of WP7 of the `Vulcano`_ project. Vulcano is partially funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce under the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2007-2010 (grant number TSI-020301-2008-22). |ctic| |vulcano| |mityc| .. _REST in python (RESTinpy): Bitbucket .. _Django: .. _LGPL v3 license: .. _from Bitbucket: .. _Documentation: .. _simplejson: .. _mimeparse: .. _Diego Berrueta: .. _Fundación CTIC: .. _Carlos Tejo: .. _Sergio Fernández: .. _Bitbucket: .. _WodiDoc: .. _Vulcano: .. |berrueta-foaf| image:: :target: .. |dayures-foaf| image:: :target: .. |wikier-foaf| image:: :target: .. |ctic| image:: :target: .. |vulcano| image:: :target: .. |mityc| image:: :target: