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Removed superfluous reply view/url

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 urlpatterns = patterns('flat_forum.views',
     url(r'^new/$', 'post_add', name='post-add'),
+    # Reply is done by POSTing to a post
     url(r'^(?P<pk>\d+)/$', 'post_detail', name='post-detail'),
-    url(r'^(?P<pk>\d+)/reply/$', 'post_reply', name='post-reply'),
     # Default view use a Haystack Search view
     url(r'^$', 'post_index',),


         return super(PostCreateView, self).form_valid(form)
 post_add = permission_required('post.can_add')(PostCreateView.as_view())
-post_reply = permission_required('post.can_reply')(PostCreateView.as_view())
 class PostDetail(generic.DetailView, edit.BaseCreateView):
     model = models.Post
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