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Installation is simply done using pip:

    pip install gnocchi-ask.tar.gz


Obviously, it depends on Django, and also django-taggit for tagging.

Then, add it to your installed apps:


and syncdb.

There are 3 templates required:

- gnocchi_ask/question_list.html

    The main view page.  This is implemented using an "object_list" generic
    view.  Pagination is set by default at 10, adjustable with the QUESTION_PAGE

- gnocchi_ask/question_detail.html

    View of a question.  Since this uses the "object_detail" generic view, the
    selected question is in the context as "object".

    Also in context is an AddResponseForm form, as 'form',

- gnocchi_ask/question_ask.html

    Used for entering a new question.