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Easy A

Easy A is intended to become software for managing your classes, students and grading. It's my response to bloated, unnecessarily complex educational software.

What it does

  • Uploading and sharing files
  • Progress tracking and grading
  • Teacher to class and student to teacher communication

What it doesn't do

I think most of the functionality in educational software is there because some administrative knucklehead decided it was important to replicate their obnoxious no-value-added busywork in the software rather than because a teacher actually needed it. So my goal is to remove as much clutter as possible so you can focus on the basic functions of interest to teachers and students.

  • Course catalogs, semesters, sections, all gone. You start a class whenever you want, you upload whatever you want. When the class is over, you mark the class completed and it is moved out of the way.
  • Assignment editing and automatic grading. How much time did this really save you? None.
  • Forums, chat, polling, Twitter/Facebook integration. Useless distractions. People don't want to hang out in their grade book or while away the afternoon with their homework assignments.