Ënnstatus is a web application written in Python Flask, to provide viewers with vital information about the organisation and Tor servers of Frënn vun der Ënn A.S.B.L.



This project uses the Semantic Versioning system.


Branch Structure

The branch structure of this project is very similiar to the git-flow branching model, but with some modifications (we don't have release branches).

Description of the branches:

  • default: This is the stable branch.
  • dev: This is the main development branch.
  • hotfix-*: These branches branch off from the default branch and are used to fix bugs which are in the stable version. They will be merged back into default and dev. After the bug is fixed, the PATCH number must be increased!
  • feature-*: In these branches, we will implement new features. These will branch off from the dev branch and merged back into the dev branch, if the feature is completed!

Feature Requests

We welcome feature requests. Please make sure they are within scope of Ënnstatus goals and submit them in Bitbucket Issues with the proposal kind selected. The more complete and compelling the request, the more likely it will be implemented. Gathering community support will help as well!

Pull Requests

  1. Please check to make sure your plans fall within Ënnstatus scope
  2. Fork Ënnstatus
  3. Branch off the dev branch
  4. Implement your changes
  5. Submit a Pull Request

Pull Requests will not be accepted without adhering to the following:

  1. Conform to existing coding styles
  2. Serve a single atomic purpose (add one feature or fix one bug)
  3. Introduce only changes that further the PR's singular purpose


Ënnstatus is written and maintained by Dennis Fink.

Development Lead