The adjoin_fx cookbook provides you with resource to perform a join on a machine to a particular Active Directory





  • >= 12.14


  • windows2008r2
  • windows2012r2
  • windows2016
  • rhel7
  • centos7
  • ubuntu1604
  • debian8
  • debian9



The adjoin_fx resoource is a resource that allows you to join a machine to a domain. You can use it on rhel or windows.


Name Type Required Default Platform Family Description
username String true - All Username used to join the machine
password String true - All Password used to join the machine
domain String true - All Domain to Join
target_ou String false - All OU in which the Server Object will reside
server String false - All FQDN of specific DC to used for joining
membership_software ['samba', 'adcli'] false - ['rhel', 'debian'] Membership software to use
os_name String false - ['rhel'] String that will fill the os name attribute in the AD
os_version String false - ['rhel'] String that will fill the os version attribute in the AD
one_time_password String false - ['rhel', 'debian'] One time password to join the domain
client_software ['sssd', 'winbind'] false - ['rhel', 'debian'] Client software to use
server_software ['active-directory', 'ipa'] false - ['rhel', 'debian'] Type of AD you're joining
no_password [true, false] false false ['rhel', 'debian'] Do not specify a password for joining
handle_reboot [true, false] false true windows Reboots the server after joining the machine, be aware that it won't handle launching chef after the reboot you will have to handle that yourself
new_name String false - windows New server name
pass_thru [true, false] false false windows Adds Pass-Thru option to joining command
  • On windows2008, the domain name should be resolvable on the network, altough people are used to this, it shouldn't be needed, as it is not on newer versions.


The adjoin_fx_configure resource allows you to configure a linux machine that has been joined to the domain using realmd.


Name Type Required Default Description
domain String true - Domain on which to apply the configuration
login_groups Array false - Array of String, each string represents an AD groups that will be allowed to login
login_users Array false - Array of String, each string represents an AD user (without the domain) that will be allowed to login
deny_all [true, false] false - Specifies if you want to run a deny all, if login groups or users have been specified, this command will be executed before the others. This will help you make sure only the specified groups are allowed to login


This cookbook will follow semantic versionning 2.0.0 as described here




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