This repository contains the code and data presented in:

Zapata F, Jimenez I. 2012. Species Delimitation: Inferring Gaps in Morphology across Geography. Syst. Biol. 61: 179-194.


The scripts require R and the following R packages:

  • library(labdsv)
  • library(ellipse)
  • library(mvtnorm)
  • library(vegan)
  • library(spdep)


The data used is included in data_example_A.csv and data_example_B.csv. Please refer to the manuscript for details on each example.

Running the analyses

Run ScriptGaps.r to estimate gaps in morphology, and GeographicVariation.r to evaluate the hypothesis that gaps can be alternatively explained as morphological variation within species.

Both scripts will regenerate the figures presented in the manuscript.