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Fix a few messages in

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 def _rename_path(path):
     new_name = path + '.OLD.%s' % time.time()
-    log.warn('Renaming %s into %s', path, new_name)
+    log.warn('Renaming %s to %s', path, new_name)
     os.rename(path, new_name)
     return new_name
         log.warn('Could not locate setuptools*.egg-info')
-    log.warn('Removing elements out of the way...')
+    log.warn('Moving elements out of the way...')
     pkg_info = os.path.join(placeholder, file)
     if os.path.isdir(pkg_info):
         patched = _patch_egg_dir(pkg_info)
         res = _patch_egg_dir(setuptools_location)
         if not res:
-    log.warn('Patched done.')
+    log.warn('Patching complete.')