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ignifuga / CommandLine

The Ignifuga engine implements a series of default command line options, use the --help switch to view them

./ --help

Initializing Gilbert Overlord
Usage: game [options]
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d DISPLAY, --display=DISPLAY
                        Display (default: 0)
  --width=WIDTH         Resolution Width
  --height=HEIGHT       Resolution Height
  -w, --windowed        Start in windowed mode (default: no)
  -p, --profile         Do a profile (ignored by the engine, useful for apps)
  -c, --capture         Start paused (useful for video capture)
  -r, --remote          Enable Remote Console (
  -t, --telnetremote    Enable A Telnet Remote Console
  -j, --jsremote        Enable A Websockets Remote Console
  -s, --remotescreen    Create a MJPEG stream of the screen at port+1
  -e, --pauseonfocuslost
                        Pause the engine when input focus is lost
  --staticglobals       Dont update the remote console globals to match the
                        current scene
  --port=PORT           Remote Console Port base (default: 54321)
  --ip=IP               Remote Console IP to bind to (default: