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README with intro and installing instructions

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-Feature to implement:
-- Browse blogs in a dired like mode, with blogs and entries
-- Select the entries with a click or with return, like dired
+Set of emacs commands to use emacs as a blogger client
-- Support editing of posts with markup languages (saved on the local hard disk)
-  - org-mode
-  - markdown
-  - restructured text
-- Support for editing posts in raw html (and maybe importing to rst or markdown)
+Emacs is great for anything involving text files, not only code. The use of emacs for blogging seems a natural way instead of using those browser editors, that lacks a lot of power. This is expecially true for developers that writes tutorials on the web, that have nightmares each time they have to post a code snippet on their blog.
+This packages contains essential features for a blog client, the purpose is that it has to be *useful*, no useless function, and a lot of shortcuts.
-- Optional syntax highlighting of code snippets
-- utility to upload of the photos to picasa web albums, to use with posts (later, googlecl gives an useful compromise)
+To use the package you have first to install it, unfortunately there are some dependencies since it uses python. In future I'll try to remove them as possible.
+Python Dependencies:
+ - BeautifulSoup
+ - dateutil
+ - python-gdata
+Emacs Dependencies:
+ - pymacs
+After satisfying dependencies place the proj directory for example in .emacs.d and add a line on your .emacs:
+ (load-file "path/to/blogger-mode.el")