Gabriele Lanaro committed 6dc63f0

Fixed a little problem with blogger-post

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   "Generic function to upload a post in blogger, it determines
 the current major mode and do exporting in various forms"
+  (blogger-authenticate)
   (let (title)
     (setq title (read-from-minibuffer "Title: "))
     (case major-mode
 (let ((map (make-keymap)))
   (suppress-keymap map)
   ;; Commands to mark or flag certain categories of files
-  (define-key map "d"  'blogger-delete)
+  (define-key map "d" 'blogger-delete)
   (define-key map "g" 'blogger-update-view)
   (define-key map "q" 'blogger-quit)
   (setq blogger-mode-map map))