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org integration setup

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 (defvar blogger-initialized nil "Check if the initialization procedure was successful")
+(defvar blogger-path "~/workspace/emacs-blogger" "Emacs blogger path")
 ;; Faces
 (defface blogger-date
   '((t (:inherit file-name-shadow))) "Face for date displaying")
 (defface blogger-tags
   '((t (:inherit font-lock-variable-name-face))) "Face for displaying tags")
+;; Pymacs initialization
+(require 'pymacs)
+(add-to-list 'pymacs-load-path blogger-path)
+(pymacs-load "blogger_bridge" "blogger-bridge-")
 (defun blogger-post ()
   "Generic function to upload a post in blogger, it determines
 the current major mode and do exporting in various forms"