emacs-blogger / README

Set of emacs commands to use emacs as a blogger client

Emacs is great for anything involving text files, not only code. The use of emacs for blogging seems a natural way instead of using those browser editors, that lacks a lot of power. This is expecially true for developers that writes tutorials on the web, that have nightmares each time they have to post a code snippet on their blog.

This packages contains essential features for a blog client, the purpose is that it has to be *useful*, no useless function, and a lot of shortcuts.


To use the package you have first to install it, unfortunately there are some dependencies since it uses python. In future I'll try to remove them as possible.

Python Dependencies:
 - BeautifulSoup
 - dateutil
 - python-gdata

Emacs Dependencies:
 - pymacs

After satisfying dependencies place the proj directory for example in .emacs.d and add a line on your .emacs:

 (load-file "path/to/blogger-mode.el")

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