= Filesnake, file transfer application =

This little piece of software let you transfer files and directory over you local area network.

It is multiplatform, tested on windows and linux systems.

= Install =

== Linux ==

In order to install the application you should satisfy some requirements:

  • twisted (automatically downloaded by pip)
  • pygtk
  • an avahi daemon running (this is by default on most systems)

To install run:

sudo python install

To install icons and desktop files run:

sudo python scripts/

Optionally you can specify the prefix of the installed files, for example:

sudo python install --root=/usr/local sudo python scripts/ --prefix=/usr/local

== Windows == TODO

= Usage =

Launch filesnake from terminal or from the menu if you have installed desktop files.

= License =

The software is covered by the GNU GPLv3 (see COPYING).

The following parts are just distributed and with little modifications related to packaging but are properties of respective owners (and with their respective licenses).

  • pygtkhelpers license/pygtkhelpers
  • pybonjour license/pybonjour

= Authors =

Copyright 2010 Gabriele Lanaro <>