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-Why this project?
+= Filesnake, file transfer application =
-This project is for utility and for a learning purpose, I've got inspired by "giver" project, but it's unmantained, and it's not in python :).
+This little piece of software let you transfer files and directory
+over you local area network. 
-Technologies Involved
+It is multiplatform, tested on windows and linux systems.
-- zeroconf (now it uses avahi and dbus)
-- twisted
+= Install = 
+== Linux ==
-- twisted
-- gtk (at least gobject and dbus stuff)
+In order to install the application you should satisfy some requirements:
+  - twisted (automatically downloaded by pip)
+  - pygtk
+  - an avahi daemon running (this is by default on most systems)
+To install run:
+sudo python install
+To install icons and desktop files run:
+sudo python scripts/
+Optionally you can specify the prefix of the installed files, for example:
+sudo python install --root=/usr/local
+sudo python scripts/ --prefix=/usr/local
+== Windows ==