filesnake /

* Short Term
** Papercuts (Third iterate)
*** DONE Trasfer file dialog is ugly [6/6]
    - State "DONE"       [2010-06-26 sab 00:57]

    - [X] bad speed representation
    - [X] status not always updated
    - [X] bad size identifier in the menu
    - [X] No icon
    - [X] Menu hasn't any functionality, should remove it
    - [X] ETA not displayed

*** TODO Design icon 22x22, refine 16x16
*** TODO Statusbar not updating when transfer is finished    

** Windows Packaging
** Release
** 0.2
*** TODO [#A] redesign of the protocol and the design to make it more consistent
In server protocol the file_handler is messed up , same as monitor

*** TODO fixing and implementing not-overriding directory transfer

*** TODO interationalization

** Cleaning
*** GUI
**** TODO gui menus
Decide if is good to put them in the main win
**** MAYBE Preparing a little library for pyusecase-friendly dialogs, or monkeypatching run 
*** Zeroconf
**** TODO the directories of zeroconf are dirty, you should distribute it as a separate package
* Long Term
** DONE writing docs about avahilib (sanitize existent doc)
** DONE implement and test (win32) an alternative zeroconf based on pyzeroconf (on bonjour)
** DONE designing an icon
   - State "DONE"       [2010-05-22 sab 14:41]
   maybe a sort of arrow with scales can be appropriate.

** TODO writing docs about the gui
** TODO localization harness
** TODO gobject.io_add_watch is related to gtk,can be changed to qt stuff? (maybe with twisted.reactor.addReader)