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The Project

filesnake is a file transfer application, to easily transfer files in a LAN. The list of features that I wrote down for this app are:

  1. Automatic discovery of computers in the network (throught zeroconf)
  2. Totally multiplatform
  3. Easy installation, maybe single executable running file
  4. Stop/Resume file transfers
  5. Performance
  6. Sanity check of transferred files (and recovery of corrupted parts)

It's a work in progress, you may take a look at the roadmap to know at what point we are and when the application will be ready: Roadmap


Everyone is welcome to help, if you need additional info don't exitate to contact me.

Here it is a list of fields:

  • zeroconf service publish and discovery, it should resolve ip address and port of the other services in the LAN.
  • writing a GTK gui
  • writing the file protocol for transferring files in twisted (using perspective broker)
  • writing some testing facilities for this stuff, all this stuff is asyncronous (with a big main loop) and the standard unittest module can't handle this situations


Contacting me

You may want to use the official group (as a mailinglist and as a wave):

If someone wants to write me:

  • Write me a private message on bitbucket
  • Write me an email (gabriele dot lanaro at gmail dot com)
  • You can try to find me on the IRC channel: server freenode, channel #filesnake

Use Cases for filesnake:

Erik wants to pass a document to Joe over the network, they:

  • fire up filesnake
  • discovery each other in the main window (it's automatic)
  • Erik drop the document (or a folder) on the Joe icon
  • Joe accepts the file and the transfer begins

Other geeky pages

Some notes about the avahi integration AvahiNotes