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Added an item activated to the list example

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 listing = ObjectList([
-    Column('name', str, editable=True),
+    Column('name', str, editable=False),
     Column('age', int, editable=True),
     Column('sex', str, choices=[
         ('m', 'Male'),
 def _on_double_clicked(ol, item, event):
     print 'Double clicked', item
+def _on_item_activated(ol, item):
+    print 'Item activated', item
 listing.connect('item-left-clicked', _on_left_clicked)
 listing.connect('item-right-clicked', _on_right_clicked)
 listing.connect('item-middle-clicked', _on_middle_clicked)
 listing.connect('item-double-clicked', _on_double_clicked)
+listing.connect('item-activated', _on_item_activated)
     User("test", 12, 'm')