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pygtkhelpers-main / pygtkhelpers / proxy.py

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-


    Controllers for managing data display widgets.

    :copyright: 2005-2008 by pygtkhelpers Authors
    :license: LGPL 2 or later (see README/COPYING/LICENSE)

    An example session of using a proxy::

        >>> import gtk
        >>> from pygtkhelpers.proxy import proxy_for
        >>> widget = gtk.Entry()
        >>> proxy = proxy_for(widget)
        >>> proxy
        <GtkEntryProxy object at 0x9aea25c (PyGTKHelperGObjectProxy at 0x9e6ec50)>
        >>> proxy.update('hello')
        >>> proxy.read()
        >>> def changed(proxy, value):
        ...     print proxy, 'changed to', value
        >>> proxy.connect('changed', changed)
        >>> proxy.update('bye bye')
        <GtkEntryProxy object at 0x9aea25c (PyGTKHelperGObjectProxy at 0x9e6ec50)> changed to bye bye
        >>> widget.get_text()
        'bye bye'
        >>> widget.set_text('banana')
        <GtkEntryProxy object at 0x9aea25c (PyGTKHelperGObjectProxy at 0x9e6ec50)> changed to banana
        >>> proxy.read()

import gobject, gtk

from pygtkhelpers.utils import gsignal
from pygtkhelpers.ui.widgets import StringList, SimpleComboBox

class GObjectProxy(gobject.GObject):
    """A proxy for a gtk.Widget

    This proxy provides a common api to gtk widgets, so that they can be used
    without knowing which specific widget they are. All proxy types should
    extend this class.
    __gtype_name__ = 'PyGTKHelperGObjectProxy'

    gsignal('changed', object)

    signal_name = None

    def __init__(self, widget):
        self.widget = widget
        self.connections = []

    # public API

    def update(self, value):
        """Update the widget's value
        self.emit('changed', self.get_widget_value())

    def read(self):
        """Get the widget's value
        return self.get_widget_value()

    # implementor API

    def block(self):
        for signal_id in self.connections:

    def unblock(self):
        for signal_id in self.connections:

    def update_internal(self, value):
        """Update the widget's value without firing a changed signal

    def widget_changed(self, *args):
        """Called to indicate that a widget's value has been changed.

        This will usually be called from a proxy implementation on response to
        whichever signal was connected in `connect_widget`

        The `*args` are there so you can use this as a signal handler.
        self.emit('changed', self.get_widget_value())

    def set_widget_value(self, value):
        """Set the value of the widget.

        This will update the view to match the value given. This is called
        internally, and is called while the proxy is blocked, so no signals
        are emitted from this action.

        This method should be overriden in subclasses depending on how a
        widget's value is set.

    def get_widget_value(self):
        """Get the widget value.

        This method should be overridden in subclasses to return a value from
        the widget.

    def connect_widget(self):
        """Perform the initial connection of the widget

        the default implementation will connect to the widgets signal
        based on self.signal_name
        if self.signal_name is not None:
            # None for read only widgets
            sid = self.widget.connect(self.signal_name, self.widget_changed)

class SinglePropertyGObjectProxy(GObjectProxy):
    """Proxy which uses a single property to set and get the value.
    prop_name = None

    def set_widget_value(self, value):
        return self.widget.set_property(self.prop_name, value)

    def get_widget_value(self):
        return self.widget.get_property(self.prop_name)

class SingleDelegatedPropertyGObjectProxy(SinglePropertyGObjectProxy):
    """Proxy which uses a delegated property on its widget.
    prop_name = None
    dprop_name = None

    def __init__(self, widget):
        self.owidget = widget
        widget = widget.get_property(self.dprop_name)
        GObjectProxy.__init__(self, widget)

class GtkEntryProxy(SinglePropertyGObjectProxy):
    """Proxy for a gtk.Entry.
    prop_name = 'text'
    signal_name = 'changed'

class GtkToggleButtonProxy(SinglePropertyGObjectProxy):
    """Proxy for a gtk.ToggleButton.
    prop_name = 'active'
    signal_name = 'toggled'

class GtkColorButtonProxy(SinglePropertyGObjectProxy):
    """Proxy for a gtk.ColorButton
    prop_name = 'color'
    signal_name = 'color-set'

class StringListProxy(GObjectProxy):
    """Proxy for a pygtkhelpers.ui.widgets.StringList.
    signal_name = 'content-changed'

    def get_widget_value(self):
        return self.widget.value

    def set_widget_value(self, value):
        self.widget.value = value

class GtkRangeProxy(GObjectProxy):
    """Base class for widgets employing a gtk.Range.
    signal_name = 'value-changed'

    def get_widget_value(self):
        return self.widget.get_value()

    def set_widget_value(self, value):

class GtkFileChooserProxy(GObjectProxy):
    """Proxy for a gtk.FileChooser.
    signal_name = 'selection-changed'

    def get_widget_value(self):
        if self.widget.get_select_multiple():
            return self.widget.get_filenames()
            return self.widget.get_filename()

    def set_widget_value(self, value):
        if self.widget.get_select_multiple():
            for filename in value:

class GtkFontButtonProxy(SinglePropertyGObjectProxy):
    """Proxy for a gtk.FontButton.
    signal_name = 'font-set'
    prop_name = 'font-name'

class GtkComboBoxProxy(GObjectProxy):
    """Proxy for a gtk.ComboBox.
    signal_name = 'changed'

    def get_widget_value(self):
        if not self.active_row:
        return self.get_row_value(self.active_row)

    def set_widget_value(self, value):
        # what a pain in the arse
        for i, row in enumerate(self.model):
            if self.get_row_value(row) == value:

    def active_row(self):
        if self.widget.get_active() == -1:
        return self.model[self.widget.get_active()]

    def model(self):
        return self.widget.get_model()

    def get_row_value(self, row):
        row = list(row) #XXX: that sucks
        value = row[1:]
        if not value:
            value = row[0]
        elif len(value) == 1:
            value = value[0]
        return value

class GtkTextViewProxy(SingleDelegatedPropertyGObjectProxy):
    """Proxy for a gtk.TextView.
    signal_name = 'changed'
    prop_name = 'text'
    dprop_name = 'buffer'

class GtkLabelProxy(SinglePropertyGObjectProxy):
    """Proxy for a gtk.Label.
    prop_name = 'label'

class GtkImageProxy(SinglePropertyGObjectProxy):
    """Proxy for a gtk.Image.
    prop_name = 'file'

class GtkLinkButtonProxy(SinglePropertyGObjectProxy):
    """Proxy for a gtk.LinkButton.
    prop_name = 'uri'

class GtkProgressBarProxy(SinglePropertyGObjectProxy):
    """Proxy for a gtk.ProgressBar.
    prop_name = 'fraction'

widget_proxies = {
    gtk.Entry: GtkEntryProxy,
    gtk.ToggleButton: GtkToggleButtonProxy,
    gtk.CheckButton: GtkToggleButtonProxy,
    gtk.RadioButton: GtkToggleButtonProxy,
    gtk.CheckMenuItem: GtkToggleButtonProxy,
    gtk.ColorButton: GtkColorButtonProxy,
    gtk.ComboBox: GtkComboBoxProxy,
    gtk.SpinButton: GtkRangeProxy,
    gtk.HScale: GtkRangeProxy,
    gtk.VScale: GtkRangeProxy,
    gtk.VScrollbar: GtkRangeProxy,
    gtk.HScrollbar: GtkRangeProxy,
    gtk.FileChooserButton: GtkFileChooserProxy,
    gtk.FileChooserWidget: GtkFileChooserProxy,
    gtk.FontButton: GtkFontButtonProxy,
    gtk.Label: GtkLabelProxy,
    gtk.Image: GtkImageProxy,
    gtk.LinkButton: GtkLinkButtonProxy,
    gtk.ProgressBar: GtkProgressBarProxy,
    gtk.TextView: GtkTextViewProxy,
    StringList: StringListProxy,
    SimpleComboBox: GtkComboBoxProxy,

def proxy_for(widget):
    """Create a proxy for a Widget

    :param widget: A gtk.Widget to proxy

    This will raise a KeyError if there is no proxy type registered for the
    widget type.
    proxy_type = widget_proxies.get(widget.__class__)
    if proxy_type is None:
        raise KeyError('There is no proxy type registered for %r' % widget)
    return proxy_type(widget)