pyorg / pyorg / tests /

from attest import Assert, Tests
from pyorg.parser import splitheads, maxhead, Node

tpars = Tests()

H1 = """* Heading 1
text H1
** Heading 1.1
text H1.1
H2 = """* Heading 2
text H2
** Heading 2.1
text H2.1

SAMPLE = ''.join([H1,H2])

def test_splitting():
    """Splitting the text in the major sections
    headings = splitheads(SAMPLE)
    Assert(headings[0]) == H1
    Assert(splitheads('')) == []
    Assert(splitheads(H1)) == [H1]

def test_maxhead():
    Assert(maxhead(SAMPLE)) == 1
    Assert(maxhead(H1)) == 1

def test_node():
    node = Node(H1)
    Assert(node.headline) == '* Heading 1'
    Assert(node.level) == 1

    Assert(node.childs[0].text) == '** Heading 1.1\ntext H1.1'
if __name__ == '__main__':
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