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 C-x p r           rope-redo
 C-x p c           rope-project-config
 C-x p n [mpfd]    rope-create-(module|package|file|directory)
+                  rope-write-project
 C-c r r           rope-rename
 C-c r l           rope-extract-variable
 C-c r d           rope-show-doc
 C-c r f           rope-find-occurrences
 C-c r ?           rope-lucky-assist
+                  rope-auto-import
+                  rope-complete-and-import
+                  rope-generate-autoimport-cache
 ===============   ============================
 These shortcut keys are enabled only when
 ================  ============================
+Enabling Autoimport
+Ropemacs provides two commands called ``rope-auto-import`` and
+``rope-complete-and-import`` that can be used to find the module a
+name is defined in and add an import for that name.  But they are
+disabled by default.  Before using them you should add::
+  (setq ropemacs-enable-autoimport 't)
+to your ``~/.emacs`` file.  After enabling, rope maintains a cache of
+global names for each project.  It updates the cache only when modules
+are changed; if you want to cache all your modules at once, use
+``rope-generate-autoimport-cache``.  It will cache all of the modules
+inside a project plus those whose names are listed in
+``ropemacs-autoimport-modules`` list::
+  # add the name of modules you want to autoimport
+  (setq ropemacs-autoimport-modules '("os" "shutil"))
+Now if you are in a buffer that contains::
+  rmtree
+and you execute ``ropemacs-auto-import`` you'll end up with::
+  from shutil import rmtree
+  rmtree
+``ropemacs-complete-and-import`` proposes names starting with the
+given word, too.  Note that these commands are not bound to a key by
+default.  You can do that yourself if you use them a lot.