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 New Features
-* supporing change signature; ``C-c r s``
-* supporting inline parameters
-* added rope-find-implementations; ``C-c r a i``
-* added rope-show-calltip; ``C-c r a c``
-* added rope-analyze-modules
-* added ropemacs-autoimport-underlineds variable
-Finally I've added change signature support in ropemacs.  It takes the
-new signature as a ``,`` separated list of parameters.  Based on this
-new list it adds, removes or reorders parameters.
-Also performing inline refactoring on a parameter, tells rope to
-passes the default value of the parameter wherever its function is
-called without passing it.
-This list will help you decide which refactoring to use when changing
-function parameters:
-* renaming a parameter: use rename
-* adding, removing and reordering parameters: use change signature
-* using the default value of a parameter: use inline
-``rope-show-calltip`` shows the signature of the function you are
-after its open parenthesis.
-``rope-find-implementations`` can be used to find the places in which
-a method is overridden.
-``rope-analyze-modules`` analyzes all python files in the project for
-collecting more object information.
 Setting Up

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     return '\n' + '\n'.join(lines[:end]) + '\n'
-      version='0.6c1',
+      version='0.6c2',
       description='An emacs mode for using rope refactoring library',