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gae-init-debug is the easiest way to start new applications on Google App Engine using Flask, Bootstrap, Flask Debug-toolbar, gae_mini_profiler and tons of other cool features.

Read more in the docs, where you can find a complete feature list, a detailed tutorial on how to build a phonebook application and more..

The latest version is always accessible from http://debug.gae-init.appspot.com

Running the Development Environment

$ cd /path/to/project-name
$ gulp

To test it visit http://localhost:8080/ in your browser.

For a complete list of commands:

$ gulp help

Initializing or Resetting the project

$ cd /path/to/project-name
$ npm install
$ gulp

If something goes wrong you can always do:

$ gulp reset
$ npm install
$ gulp

To install Gulp as a global package:

$ npm install -g gulp

Deploying on Google App Engine

$ gulp deploy

Before deploying make sure that the main/app.yaml and gulp/config.coffee are up to date.

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