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1.9 deploy.undeploy changed name to deploy.remove

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 __all__ = ['full_deploy', 'deploy_project', 'make_clone',
            'update_django_config', 'up', 'setup_web_server', 'push',
-           'undeploy']
+           'remove']
 def full_deploy():
-def undeploy(confirm=True):
+def remove(confirm=True):
     """ Shuts site down. This command doesn't clean everything, e.g.
     user data (database, backups) is preserved. """


 from fabric.api import *
 from fabtest import fab, vbox_urlopen, FabricAbortException
 from fab_deploy.utils import run_as
-from fab_deploy.deploy import deploy_project, push, undeploy
+from fab_deploy.deploy import deploy_project, push, remove
 from fab_deploy.db import mysql, postgres, postgis
 from fab_deploy import db
 from fab_deploy.webserver import apache
         fab(push, 'update_r', 'syncdb')
         self.assertResponse(url, 'foo2')
-        # check that updeploy disables the site
+        # check that remove disables the site
         # TODO: more undeploy tests
-        fab(undeploy, confirm=False)
+        fab(remove, confirm=False)
         # deploying project again should be possible
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