theoden committed 40fb850

+ UwsgiSetupTest was added to "misc" test-set, and the former is green.
+ uWSGI config uwsgi.ini was added

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 # coding: utf-8
 from __future__ import with_statement, absolute_import
-from fabric.api import cd, sudo, prefix #env, run, settings, hide, abort
+from fabric.api import env, cd, sudo, prefix #run, settings, hide, abort
 #from fabric.contrib import files, console
 from taskset import task_method
 __all__ = ['Uwsgi']
 class Uwsgi(WsgiBackend):
-    """ Only lucid and squeeze are supported. """
+    """ Only squeeze is supported. """ # need someone to port on lucid
-    def __init__(self, config='uwsgi.config', wsgi=''):
+    def __init__(self, config='uwsgi.ini', wsgi=''):
         super(Uwsgi, self).__init__(wsgi)
         self.config = config
             extra_context={'CURRENT_BACKEND': self}, use_sudo=True
         with cd('/etc/uwsgi/apps-enabled'):
-            sudo('ln -s ../apps-available/%s .' % name)
+            sudo('if [ ! -f %s ]; then ln -s ../apps-available/%s .; fi' % (name, name))


     suites = {
         'misc': TestSuite(load(initial + [
-                    FastPrepareServerTest, ApacheSetupTest,
+                    FastPrepareServerTest, ApacheSetupTest, UwsgiSetupTest,
                     PipSetupTest, NoPipSetupTest, CrontabTest,
                     MysqlNonRootTest, PostgresSetupTest,


+# django < 1.4 options
+plugins = python27
+virtualenv = {{ ENV_DIR }}
+chdir = {{ PROJECT_DIR }}
+module = {{ CURRENT_BACKEND.get_wsgi_full_file_name() }}
+touch-reload = {{ CURRENT_BACKEND.get_wsgi_full_file_name() }}


 from fab_deploy.utils import define_host, update_env
 from fab_deploy.project import WebProject
+from fab_deploy.django import Django
+from fab_deploy.webserver.uwsgi import Uwsgi
+from fab_deploy.webserver.nginx import Nginx
 project = WebProject().expose_as_module('project')
+project_u = WebProject({
+    'django': Django(Nginx(), Uwsgi(wsgi=''))
 def foo_site():


 from fab_deploy.webserver.apache import Apache
 from .base import FabDeployTest
 from ..utils import setup_ssh, setup_sudo
-from ..test_project.fabfile import foo_site, bar_site, invalid_site, project
+from ..test_project.fabfile import foo_site, bar_site, invalid_site, project, project_u
 from ..test_project2.fabfile import foo_site as foo_site2, project as project2
 from ..test_project3.fabfile import postgis_site, postgres_site, project as project3
+class UwsgiSetupTest(FabDeployProjectTest):
+    snapshot = 'fabtest-prepared-uwsgi'
+    project = project_u
+    def test_uwsgi_config(self):
+        """
+        This test is somewhat singular to uWSGI. Server cannot be started
+        (and hence restarted) because of virtualenv and chdir options, that
+        point to non-existing (at this test) directories.
+        """
+        # first site
+        fab(foo_site)
+        fab(self.project.apps.django.backend.upload_config)
+        self.assertFileExists('/etc/uwsgi/apps-enabled/foo_uwsgi.ini')
+        # second site
+        fab(bar_site)
+        fab(self.project.apps.django.backend.upload_config)
+        fab(self.project.apps.django.backend.restart)
+        # re-configuring doesn't lead to errors
+        fab(self.project.apps.django.backend.upload_config)
+    def test_uwsgi_make_wsgi(self):
+        self.assertNoFile(env.conf.ENV_DIR+'/var/wsgi/foo/')
+        fab(self.project.apps.django.backend.upload_wsgi)
+        self.assertFileExists(env.conf.ENV_DIR+'/var/wsgi/')
 class DeployTest(FabDeployProjectTest):
     def test_deploy(self):
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