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JIRA Python Library

This library eases the use of the JIRA REST API from Python applications.


Feeling impatient? I like your style.

    from jira.client import JIRA

    options = { 'server': ''}
    jira = JIRA(options)

    issue = jira.issue('JRA-9')
    print issue.fields.project.key             # 'JRA'
    print          # 'New Feature'
    print issue.fields.reporter.displayName    # 'Mike Cannon-Brookes [Atlassian]'

Getting Started


The library works off of Kenneth Reitz's indispensable requests library in addition to standard pieces of the Python library. See for name and version details.


Download and install using pip:

pip install jira-python

You ARE using a virtualenv, right?


See the documentation for full details.

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