First things first

do check out the LICENSE. Don't say I didn't tell you.

What is this

I want to create and wire an object graph based on text configuration. Similar to how shader editors work in 3D modelling tools.

Basically this means to describe a directed, acyclical graph in text. So this is a simple language to do exactly that.

There are other languages which solve a similar problem, namely DOT for describing (visual) graphs. I want this to stay simple, and DOT is quite overloaded for my purpose. The concept is similar, tho.

The name comes from the two keywords in the language: "node" and "wire". Node defines a node, "wire" defines a connection between two "points" on a node.

It's all quite hacky right now as I'm just playing with it. It's all in one Program.cs file for the time being... See that file for what this exactly is at the moment.