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Enabled more detailed wsgi error logging

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                 pd = misc.load_yaml_file('pd.yaml')
                 self.ud = misc.merge_yaml_objects(self.ud, pd)
                 self.ud = misc.normalize_user_data(self, self.ud)
+    def startup(self):
         if 'role' in self.ud:
             if self.ud['role'] == 'master':
       "Master starting")
     """Return a wsgi application serving the root object"""
     # Create the CM application
     app = UniverseApplication(global_conf=global_conf, **kwargs)
+    app.startup()
     # Create the universe WSGI application
     webapp = cm.framework.WebApplication(app)
         # Not in interactive debug mode, just use the regular error middleware
         from paste.exceptions import errormiddleware
-        app = errormiddleware.ErrorMiddleware(app, conf)
+        app = errormiddleware.ErrorMiddleware(app, conf, show_exceptions_in_wsgi_errors=True, error_log=log)
         log.debug("Enabling 'error' middleware")
     # Transaction logging (apache access.log style)
     if asbool(conf.get('use_translogger', True)):
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