give access to $__user_email__ and $__user_id__ variables in hidden tool parameters.

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  1. Anthony Bretaudeau

This patch allow to use $user_email and $user_id variables in hidden tool parameters. This is useful for example when adding to galaxy a data source that needs to identify the user who is willing to import data in a galaxy instance. Here is an example:

     <inputs action=""
check_values="false" method="get">
         <display>Browse the XX data source $GALAXY_URL</display>
         <param name="user_email" type="hidden" value="$__user_email__" />

There are 2 messages in the galaxy-dev mailing list talking about that:

Comments (4)

  1. John Chilton

    I would like the LWR job runner to have expand certain job parameters the same way so I am interested in this functionality. I have expanded the approach here in such a way that it is centralizes some similar functionality found else where (dynamic options & job templates).

    I need to do some more testing before issuing a pull request or I might merge in into the LWR pull request. Any objections to it or comments?


  2. Anthony Bretaudeau author

    Hello, I don't have the time to test your patch right now, but if it works, no problem to replace my pull request with it! Thanks!

  3. John Chilton

    I have test this functionality and it seems to work with pull request 224. I would recommend merging that request.

  4. John Chilton

    I have pushed a changeset with equivalent functionality to galaxy-central directly. Thanks for the contribution!