Implementation of the make_install action type.

#217 Merged at 1f9ecea
  1. Björn Grüning

<action type="make_install"> is a shortcut for <action type="shell_command">make &amp;&amp; make install</action>. You can use it as follows:

            <action type="make_install" />

or you can pass options to make with:

            <action type="make_install">-d</action>

An example can be found here:

Comments (5)

  1. Peter Cock

    I've not examined the code in detail, but I like the idea of the make_install action type :)

    What happens about error catching (e.g. the make gives a non-zero return code)?

    P.S. Is the further value in adding another action for "./configure [args]" as well?

    1. Björn Grüning author

      Currently, there is no error changing. Mainly due to the fact that I do not know, how to react on errors. Imho a nice error caching mechanism is missing in TS, especially to communicate with the user. Any ideas?

  2. John Chilton

    Like the idea, the implementation looks good. Is there a tool in the test tool shed I can test it out against? I would be happy to run that test and then officially 'approve' this.

    1. Björn Grüning author

      If have updated every pull request now with a test toolshed repository. Unfortunately, I tool the readline repository as example, so it might happen that the r_environment test requires the autoconf patch. Sorry.