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Create unit test directory with example test. Enable coverage report generation of unit tests ( will automatically add --with-coverage to nosetests call if coverage is on the path, coverage report can than be generated with 'coverage html' and viewed at htmlcov/index.html). Update .hgignore to reflect these changes.
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Remove old .svn entry and regex def
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Recommit .hgignore removed from git.
1.5 KB
Recommit correct .hgtags
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Reindented license text to make it render better at bitbucket.
2.2 KB
Add some pointers for developers and deployers in README.rst regarding
3.4 KB
scripts/ executes correctly.
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Allow command-line creation of initial database
2.6 KB
Update build platforms for dist-scrambling.
1.7 KB
Bump SQLAlchemy all the way to 0.9.8
146 B
Upgrade of splitting code to do splitting in the tasks versus in the Galaxy process
5.4 KB
Enable more verbose errors for install and test framework(?).
238 B
Change community to tool_shed in notes.
63 B
File missed in the change set for the re-engineered InstallManager.
1.7 KB
Allow latest SQLAlchemy in requirements.txt
69 B
Restore a line deleted by mistake. Thanks John.
2.8 KB
Merge in by adding --wait parameter.
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Open next-stable branch for 2014.10 release.
1.4 KB
10.7 KB
Add --dockerize and --db [postgres|mysql|sqlite] options to
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Rename tool_shed_wsgi.ini.sample to tool_shed_wsgi.ini, fix static and other errors I created when moving it to config/ in the first place.
63 B
Egg support overhaul, introduces a number of fixes to the ABI recognition, better build scripts, a rewrite of the eggs library and eliminition of the need for python -ES
3.0 KB
Fixes to for legacy configurations and modified tool confs.
Galaxy Logo

The latest information about Galaxy is always available via the Galaxy website:

Galaxy Quickstart

Galaxy requires Python 2.6 or 2.7. To check your python version, run:

$ python -V
Python 2.7.3

Start Galaxy:

$ sh

Once Galaxy completes startup, you should be able to view Galaxy in your browser at:


You may wish to make changes from the default configuration. This can be done in the config/galaxy.ini file. Tools can be either installed from the Tool Shed or added manually. For details please see the Galaxy wiki:

Not all dependencies are included for the tools provided in the sample tool_conf.xml. A full list of external dependencies is available at:


Issues can be submitted to trello via the galaxyproject website and viewed on the Galaxy Trello Board

Galaxy Development

Galaxy welcomes new development! There is extensive documentation on developing with Galaxy on the wiki.

Source Repository

Galaxy development has moved to Github.

Developers should develop against the dev branch in the Github repository.

Deployers can continue to pull Galaxy changes from Bitbucket without interruption. Alternatively, deployers can track the master branch in Github.

Syncing a Fork

If you fork Galaxy to work on it, you may be interested in keeping your copy up to date with respect to the main repository. Github has good documentation on this.

$ git remote add upstream
$ git fetch upstream
$ git checkout dev
$ git merge upstream/dev