galaxy-central / demo_sequencer_wsgi.ini.sample

# ---- HTTP Server ----------------------------------------------------------


use = egg:Paste#http
port = 9011
host =
use_threadpool = true
threadpool_workers = 10

# ---- Galaxy Demo Sequencer Emulator Interface -------------------------------------------------


# Specifies the factory for the universe WSGI application
paste.app_factory = galaxy.webapps.demo_sequencer.buildapp:app_factory
log_level = DEBUG

# Where dataset files are saved
file_path = database/demo_sequencer_files
# Temporary storage for additional datasets, this should be shared through the cluster
new_file_path = database/tmp

# Sequencer emulator actions
sequencer_actions_config_file = %(here)s/lib/galaxy/webapps/demo_sequencer/sequencer_actions.xml

# Session support (beaker)
use_beaker_session = True
session_type = memory
session_data_dir = %(here)s/database/beaker_sessions
session_key = galaxysessions
session_secret = changethisinproduction

# Galaxy session security
id_secret = changethisinproductiontoo

# Configuration for debugging middleware
debug = true
use_lint = false

# NEVER enable this on a public site (even test or QA)
# use_interactive = true

# this should be a comma-separated list of valid Galaxy users
#admin_users =

# Force everyone to log in (disable anonymous access)
require_login = False

# Write thread status periodically to 'heartbeat.log' (careful, uses disk space rapidly!)
## use_heartbeat = True

# Profiling middleware (cProfile based)
## use_profile = True

# Use the new iframe / javascript based layout
use_new_layout = true

# Serving static files (needed if running standalone)
static_enabled = True
static_cache_time = 360
static_dir = %(here)s/static/
static_images_dir = %(here)s/static/images
static_favicon_dir = %(here)s/static/favicon.ico
static_scripts_dir = %(here)s/static/scripts/
static_style_dir = %(here)s/static/june_2007_style/blue
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