Nate Coraor avatar Nate Coraor committed 47ddf16

Use Galaxy's ErrorMiddleware since Paste's doesn't return start_response. Fixes downloading tarballs from the Tool Shed when use_debug = false.

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         log.debug( "Enabling 'eval exceptions' middleware" )
         # Not in interactive debug mode, just use the regular error middleware
-        from paste.exceptions import errormiddleware
-        app = errormiddleware.ErrorMiddleware( app, conf )
+        import galaxy.web.framework.middleware.error
+        app = galaxy.web.framework.middleware.error.ErrorMiddleware( app, conf )
         log.debug( "Enabling 'error' middleware" )
     # Transaction logging (apache access.log style)
     if asbool( conf.get( 'use_translogger', True ) ):
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