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jeremy goecks  committed 572f0d4

Fix bug in setting dbkey for new track browser.

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File lib/galaxy/web/controllers/visualization.py

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         Display browser for the visualization denoted by id and add the datasets listed in `dataset_ids`.
-        # Display new browser if no id provided.
+        # Set up new browser if no id provided.
         if not id:
             return trans.fill_template( "tracks/browser.mako", config={}, 
                                         add_dataset=kwargs.get("dataset_id", None), 
-                                        default_dbkey=kwargs.get("default_dbkey", None) )
+                                        default_dbkey=kwargs.get("dbkey", None) )
         # Display saved visualization.
         vis = self.get_visualization( trans, id, check_ownership=False, check_accessible=True )