Some quick notes on things to be aware of. 

1) Abundances

  I use the command abundances GASS10 which uses solar abundances as determined

  They have Xsun = 0.7380, Ysun=0.2485, Zsun=0.0134
  In Cloudy this is reported as 
  H :  0.0000  He: -1.0701

  The Planck13 value of the primordial helium abundance is Yp=0.2477
  this translates into nHe/nH = 0.08232 if we assume Xp+Yp=1
  or in cloudy terms (i.e. in log) -1.08450 or close enough to GASS10 not 
  to worry. 

2) Compiling 

  To compile the whole code using double precision try, 
  make distclean
  make -j <ncores> EXTRA=-DFLT_IS_DBL