# GameSparks Objective-C SDK Welcome the the GameSparks SDK for Objective C. This is an non blocking SDK, all the work is done in the background and only the blocks you supply are executed on the main thread. All API calls are strongly typed, with GSAPI.h/m being auto generated when the server API changes, full details of the API can be found at ## Installation 1. Via cocoapods To install the SDK, simply add the following line to your Podfile: pod 'GameSparks', :git => '', :tag => “0.5.0” 2. Copy the source to your project ## Realtime 1. Copy the RT folder into your project 2. In a Swift project, RT requires an [Obj-C bridging header]( to import the GSRT.h file ## Usage 1. Import GSAPI.h & GS.h #import <GS.h> #import <GSAPI.h> 2. Create a instance of GS, providing the apiKey, secret and credential from the portal along with whether you want to connect to the live or preview servers. We recommend you keep a static reference to this object GS* gs = [[GS alloc] initWithApiKey:@"YOU_KEY" andApiSecret:@"YOUR_SECRET" andCredential:@"YOUR_CREDENTIAL" andPreviewMode:true]; 3. Register a listener for availability events [gs setAvailabilityListener:^ (BOOL available) { //Your code here }]; 4. Register a listener for authentication events [gs setAuthenticatedListener:^(NSString* playerId) { //Your code here }]; 5. Register listeners for asyncronous messages GSMessageListener* listener = [[GSMessageListener alloc] init]; [listener onGSScriptMessage:^(GSScriptMessage* message) { NSLog(@"%@", message.getMessageId); success = true; }]; [gs setMessageListener:listener]; 6. Connect the SDK [gs connect]; 7. Start sending requests, and processing responses GSDeviceAuthenticationRequest* dar = [[GSDeviceAuthenticationRequest alloc] init]; [dar setDeviceId:@"deviceId"]; [dar setDeviceOS:@"IOS"]; [dar setCallback:^ (GSAuthenticationResponse* response) { //Your code here }]; [gs send:dar]; ## Author GameSparks Ltd ## License GameSparks Objective C is available under the Apache license. See the LICENSE file for more info. This SDK makes use of the jetfire websocket library : ##