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codeassist: added in_hierarchy to find_occurrences

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 def find_occurrences(project, resource, offset, unsure=False, resources=None,
-                     task_handle=taskhandle.NullTaskHandle()):
+                     in_hierarchy=False, task_handle=taskhandle.NullTaskHandle()):
     """Return a list of `Location`\s
     If `unsure` is `True`, possible matches are returned, too.  You
     name = rope.base.codeanalyze.get_name_at(resource, offset)
     this_pymodule = project.pycore.resource_to_pyobject(resource)
-    pyname = rope.base.evaluate.get_pyname_at(this_pymodule, offset)
+    primary, pyname = rope.base.evaluate.get_primary_and_pyname_at(
+        this_pymodule, offset)
     def is_match(occurrence):
         return unsure
     finder = occurrences.create_finder(
-        project.pycore, name, pyname, unsure=is_match)
+        project.pycore, name, pyname, unsure=is_match,
+        in_hierarchy=in_hierarchy, instance=primary)
     if resources is None:
         resources = project.pycore.get_python_files()
     job_set = task_handle.create_jobset('Finding Occurrences',
 def starting_expression(source_code, offset):
     """Return the expression to complete
-    For instance completing 
+    For instance completing
     word_finder = WordRangeFinder(source_code)
             last_lineno = self._last_non_blank(start - 1)
             last_line = self.lines[last_lineno]
             if last_line.rstrip().endswith(':'):
-                indents = _get_line_indents(last_line) + 4            
+                indents = _get_line_indents(last_line) + 4
         self.lines[start] = ' ' * indents + 'pass'
         for line in range(start + 1, end + 1):
             self.lines[line] = self.lines[start]


         self.assertEquals(1, len(result))
         self.assertEquals((mod1, 0), (result[0].resource, result[0].offset))
+    def test_find_occurrences_and_class_hierarchies(self):
+        mod1 = testutils.create_module(self.project, 'mod1')
+        mod1.write('class A(object):\n    def f():\n        pass\n'
+                   'class B(A):\n    def f():\n        pass\n')
+        offset ='f')
+        result1 = find_occurrences(self.project, mod1, offset)
+        result2 = find_occurrences(self.project, mod1,
+                                   offset, in_hierarchy=True)
+        self.assertEquals(1, len(result1))
+        self.assertEquals(2, len(result2))
     def test_fixing_errors_with_maxfixes_in_resources(self):
         mod = testutils.create_module(self.project, 'mod')
         code = 'def f():\n    sldj sldj\ndef g():\n    ran'
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