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codeassist: offset in get_calltip() should be after the opening parens

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 def get_calltip(project, source_code, offset, resource=None, maxfixes=1):
-    pyname = _find_pyname_at(project, source_code, offset, resource, maxfixes)
+    finder = WordRangeFinder(source_code)
+    start = finder.find_parens_start_from_inside(max(0, offset - 1))
+    pyname = _find_pyname_at(project, source_code, start, resource, maxfixes)
     if pyname is None:
         return None
     pyobject = pyname.get_object()


         self.assert_completion_not_in_result('myvar', 'local', result)
     def test_simple_get_calltips(self):
-        src = 'def f():\n    pass\n'
-        doc = get_calltip(self.project, src, src.rindex('f'))
+        src = 'def f():\n    pass\nvar = f()\n'
+        doc = get_calltip(self.project, src, src.rindex(')'))
         self.assertEquals('f()', doc)
     def test_get_calltips_for_classes(self):
         src = 'class C(object):\n' \
-              '    def __init__(self):\n        pass\n'
-        doc = get_calltip(self.project, src, src.index('C'))
+              '    def __init__(self):\n        pass\nC('
+        doc = get_calltip(self.project, src, len(src))
         self.assertEquals('C.__init__(self)', doc)
     def test_get_calltips_for_objects_with_call(self):
         src = 'class C(object):\n' \
               '    def __call__(self, p):\n        pass\n' \
-              'c = C()\n'
-        doc = get_calltip(self.project, src, src.rindex('c'))
+              'c = C()\nc(1,'
+        doc = get_calltip(self.project, src, len(src))
         self.assertEquals('C.__call__(self, p)', doc)
     def test_get_calltips_and_including_module_name(self):
         src = 'class C(object):\n' \
               '    def __call__(self, p):\n        pass\n' \
-              'c = C()\n'
+              'c = C()\nc(1,'
         mod = testutils.create_module(self.project, 'mod')
-        doc = get_calltip(self.project, src, src.rindex('c'), mod)
+        doc = get_calltip(self.project, src, len(src), mod)
         self.assertEquals('mod.C.__call__(self, p)', doc)
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