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Initializing ChangeContent.old_contents only when do() is called

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         # IDEA: Only saving diffs; possible problems when undo/redoing
         self.new_contents = new_contents
         self.old_contents = old_contents
-        if self.old_contents is None:
-            if self.resource.exists():
-                self.old_contents =
         self.operations = self.resource.project.operations
     def undo(self):
+        if self.old_contents is None:
+            raise exceptions.HistoryError(
+                'Undoing a change that is not performed yet!')
         self.operations.write_file(self.resource, self.old_contents)
     def __str__(self):


     # project is very large, you might consider 'shelve' or the
     # slower 'sqlite'.
     prefs['objectdb_type'] = 'persisted_memory'
-    prefs['compress_objectdb'] = False
+    prefs['compress_objectdb'] = True
     # Shows whether to save history across sessions.  Defaults to
     # `False`.
     prefs['save_history'] = True
-    prefs['max_history_items'] = 80
-    prefs['compress_history'] = False
+    prefs['max_history_items'] = 32
+    prefs['compress_history'] = True
     # If `False` when running modules or unit tests "Dynamic Object
     # Inference" is turned off.  This makes them much faster.  The


         self.assertEquals(0, len(self.history.redo_list))
+    @testutils.assert_raises(exceptions.HistoryError)
+    def test_undoing_a_not_yet_performed_change(self):
+        change = ChangeContents(self.file1, '1')
+        change.undo()
 class SavingHistoryTest(unittest.TestCase):
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