araldo-redis / araldo_redis / endpoints /

""" araldo Endpoint for communication with Redis PubSub

import gevent
from gevent.monkey import patch_all


from gevent.queue import Queue
import logging
import redis
from araldo.endpoints import InBoundBase, EndPointBase, PluginException

class InBound(InBoundBase):
    def __init__(self, config, gevent_queue, redis_server=None):
        """ Creates an InBound instance for relaying Redis messages
            :param config: configuration object
            :param gevent_queue: queue for forwarding incoming messages
        self._channel_name = config["channel"] 
        if not redis_server:
            self._server = redis.Redis(
            self._server = redis_server
        self._client = self._server.pubsub()
        InBoundBase.__init__(self, config, gevent_queue)

    def plugin_id():
        return "inbound-redis"

    def _run(self):
        """ Enter infinite gevent loop to receive messages from 
            Redis pubsub queue and push it to gevent queue
        messages = self._client.listen()
        while True:
            message =
            print "%s: received: %s" % (self, message)
            self.gevent_queue.put((self._channel_name, message))

    def check(self):
        """ implementation of abstract method
            response = self._server.echo("x")
            if response != "x":
                raise PluginException("Redis echo failed")
        except Exception as error:
            raise PluginException("Redis connection problem: %s" % str(error))
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