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WebSocket client endpoint for 
`araldo <>`_, a routing-based 
communication relay.

This client allows to send and receive messages to/from a WebSocket server.


  pip install araldo-websocket

The plugin will be automatically available to *araldo*.

Plugin Configuration

============== ========= ============================================
Parameter      Type      Description
============== ========= ============================================
host           str       Host name or IP address of WebSocket server
port           int       TCP port of WebSocket server
websocket_url  str       URL at which server serves WebSocket
trace          boolen    Whether or not to log WebSocket traffic
                         (low-level; only for debugging)
marshalling    str       *araldo* marshalling plugin
============== ========= ============================================

Sample Configuration

Plugin-specific Configuration block::

- name: websocket_01 
  id: endpoint-websocketclient
  websocket_url: ws://localhost:8890/websocket/
  trace: False
  marshalling: marshal-raw


- Currently there is no persistence of messages
- Endpoints will automatically attempt to reconnect every second if the
  WebSocket server is down