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 import signal
 import sys
 from gevent import pywsgi
-from gevent.queue import Queue
 from geventwebsocket.handler import WebSocketHandler
 from import WebSocketApp
 from araldo.sender import Sender
     return sender
-def sig_handler(arg1, arg2):
+def sig_handler(signum, frame):
     """ Handles abortion; e.g. by pressing CTRL+C
+    print "sig_handler: %s %s" % (signum, frame)
     signal.signal(signal.SIGQUIT, sig_handler)
 def setup_plugins(logger, config):
+    """ Load and instantiate plugins
+    """
     plugin_manager = PluginManager.create(config)
-    plugin_instances = plugin_manager.plugin_instances()["araldo.endpoints.inbound"]
-    logger.debug("Starting %d inbound handlers", len(plugin_instances)) 
-    [x.start() for x in plugin_instances.values()]
+    plugin_instances = plugin_manager.plugin_instances()
+    inbound_handlers = plugin_instances["araldo.endpoints.inbound"]
+    logger.debug("Starting %d inbound handlers", len(inbound_handlers)) 
+    for handler in inbound_handlers.values():
+        handler.start()
 def main():
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