Halogen is designed to be a fast and easy to use document retrieval program. Think of it as a digital filing cabinet. Instead of having to search through drawers and dividers to find the file you're looking for you can just type your search critera into Halogen's search boxes and your document will be found for you.

Halogen's main features are:

  • Simple to use interface.
  • Ability to export pages/documents to PDF files or print them.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook - create a new email with a page or document added as an attachment from within Halogen.
  • Page tagging - After performing a search you can add pages to a 'tagged' list and then export/print/email them all at once.
  • Flexible install. Halogen can run from a hard drive, network share or even straight from a USB stick.
  • Multiple data back-ends. Halogen currently supports SQLite, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases for storing data.
Keyboard shortcuts
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