SCons / src / engine / SCons / Tool / packaging /

Diff from to


 import os
 import SCons.Builder
+import SCons.Tool.rpmutils
 from SCons.Environment import OverrideEnvironment
 from SCons.Tool.packaging import stripinstallbuilder, src_targz
         # This should be overridable from the construction environment,
         # which it is by using ARCHITECTURE=.
-        # Guessing based on what os.uname() returns at least allows it
-        # to work for both i386 and x86_64 Linux systems.
-        archmap = {
-            'i686'  : 'i386',
-            'i586'  : 'i386',
-            'i486'  : 'i386',
-        }
-        buildarchitecture = os.uname()[4]
-        buildarchitecture = archmap.get(buildarchitecture, buildarchitecture)
+        buildarchitecture = SCons.Tool.rpmutils.defaultMachine()
         if 'ARCHITECTURE' in kw:
             buildarchitecture = kw['ARCHITECTURE']
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